Frequently Asked Questions about Newfoundland Forelimb Anomaly

"Often with any debilitating diagnosis, we look for someone or something to blame. Although we don't know everything about NFA, what we do know for sure is this diagnosis is not an indication of poor breeding practices. The truth is, some of our most reputable breeders have produced it and are leading the charge to educate breeders and promote recognition and early detection. 

It is also critical for owners not to be blamed for nutritional, dietary, or environmental choices. There have been no studies to indicate that diet is a factor. Puppies fed raw diet, natural diets, high protein and low protein diets have developed NFA. High protein and rapid growth can certainly affect the severity but not cause the condition. NFA can be picked up as young as 5 weeks to the trained eye indicating the puppies are most likely born with it. So remember, diet might affect severity but will not cause the problem."

A list of commonly asked questions and answers are COMING SOON.  Please check back.