Welcome.  This website has been set up to spread awareness of Newfoundland Forelimb Anomlay (NFA).  Here you will find out just what NFA is, a history about NFA, photos of affected dogs, x-rays and where you can go to ask for help.  

​The website is maintained by a group of concerned Newfoundland breeders and owners. It is not a site meant to diagnose Newfoundland Forelimb Anomaly. The site will provide information and answers to questions regarding NFA. We encourage dissemination of information and facts in a hope that this will encourage data collection and open discussions.  

You may also visit us on Facebook.
While the Newfoundland Forelimb Anomaly group hopes to provide information and answer questions regarding this problem one question we cannot answer is to breed or not breed a dog with forelimb anomaly in the background.  

We know of dogs that have produced over 500 puppies with only one affected.  We know two litters of affected to affected animals have been bred and never produced forelimb anomaly.  We also know of dogs with affected littermates that have never produced it. 

We believe it is not viral, bacterial, caused by rapid growth, or a specific diet. Most researchers believe it is genetic but the exact mode of inheritance is unknown. Based on these facts it is too early to make breeding decisions. The best advice is to be cognizant of the problem and be prepared to take AP and lateral forelimb x-rays (include the elbow and wrist joint) of any suspicious looking fronts. These x-rays can be submitted for evaluation.  
The Newfoundland Forelimb Anomaly Group will be collecting data on affected animals and litters. 

 It is our goal to collect information on every litter that has had Forelimb Anomaly in it. This data is important in our attempt to understand this problem.  No one sets out to produce Forelimb Anomaly but the reality is that it is produced and has been produced by some of our top breeders. 

 These people have been willing to step forward and push for research on Forelimb Anomaly. It will be through cooperation, honesty and transparency that we can move forward. 

If you have an affected dog or have produced an affected dog please send an e-mail to Barbara Jenness at  

This information will be kept confidential.

Newfoundland Forelimb Anomaly Group put together a fantastic presentation for the 2014 National Specialty.  To view this presentation on Forelimb Anomaly please click the link below.